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  Small Water Supplier Conservation Reporting Tool (online form) for 2016 reports. 

Welcome to the Small Water Supplier Conservation Reporting Tool.

This reporting tool accepts the small water conservation report required under the State Water Resources Control Board’s drought emergency water conservation regulation for urban and community water systems that have fewer than 3,000 service connections and produce less than 3,000 acre-feet of water annually.  A decision tree of who must submit this report can be found HERE.

Reports were due by December 15, 2016.  Reports must include:
  • total potable water production by month for January through December 2013 (calendar year);
  • total potable water production by month for December 2015 through November 2016; and
  • any actions taken by the supplier to encourage or require its customers to conserve water.   

For more information on the emergency regulation, please click HERE or visit 
(section 864.5, page 9). 

Step-by-step Guidance.  Review the Guidance for Small Water Supplier Conservation Reporting (click HERE ). This Guidance has a List of Information to Report (page 2),  step-by-step instructions (starting page 3), and Frequently Asked Questions (page 9).  It is important to assemble all required information ahead of time as the online form does not allow you to save partial entries.  Should you need to revise your report, you will need to re-submit the form in its entirety. 

Using this Reporting Tool does not require registration. However, if you have previously submitted a 2013 Annual Report through the Electronic Annual Reporting (EAR) System, the form will pre-populate with your 2013 production data. 

  • The system will log you off after 20 minutes of non-activity.  Partially entered information will be lost if this occurs.    
  • When entering numbers, do not use commas or letters or extra spaces -- enter just the number. 
  • Upon submission, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your monitoring report.   If you do not receive a confirmation, check for error messages on your online form.  Fix errors and then click on the submit button. 
  • If you need to resubmit this report for any reason (such as a data entry error), you will need to refile the complete report for the same Water System Number; we will use the most recently submitted report.
  • Do not skip Step 1a.  It is important and will save you time. 

For assistance or questions with this reporting tool, please contact  For questions on the reporting requirements and regulations contact Kathy Frevert at, 916-322-5274.


Step 1a: Enter Water System Number.  Before you enter information, you must know your water system number.  Check HERE to look up your water system number (the water system number starts with "CA" followed by a 7-digit number).  

Tip: Just below where it says "Enter the water system number directly," enter your 7-digit water system number immediately after the "CA", without spaces. Click on "Look up..."    After you click on "Look Up..."  the system number and name will appear in step1b (gray-shaded fields) and information entered previously for 2013 will appear in step 3.  (Entering your EAR user account name is another option for looking up information from 2013.) 

1b:  Water System Information and Contact (required)

Gray-shaded cells will have information automatically entered when the previous step is completed.

Type in your system number in Step 1a, where is says, "Enter the water system number directly...:" 

System name will appear after completing step 1a.

Enter or edit your contact information.  Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent to this email address.
2:  Select Units of Measure

Select the units of measure for which you will be reporting all production figures.

3:  Enter Total Monthly Potable Water Production (required)

Enter your total potable water production for each month in 2013 and for December 2015 - November 2016. 

Total Potable Water Production is all potable water that enters into a supplier’s distribution system, excluding water placed into storage and not withdrawn for use during the reporting month. Total Potable Water Production includes non-revenue water. Water that is produced but not used in your service area (e.g.,water transferred or sold to another water supplier) should not be included in your Total Potable Water Production. If your 2013 production numbers were pre-populated from your EAR Account, please check the numbers for accuracy.

Leave shaded cells blank.
In the right column enter data for December 2015 and January 2016 - November 2016 (only one number goes in a cell).

Enter numbers without commas or extra spaces or letters. Otherwise you will get an error message when submitting your report.

2013 Production
2015-16 Production

If you are unable to measure water production, please note that in the comments above.
4:  Actions to Conserve Water (required)

As a water supplier, describe the actions taken to encourage or require your customers to conserve water.

Please list:
5:  Number of Watering Days
If there was a limit to the number of watering days per week, select the maximum number of days per week outdoor watering was allowed between June and November 2016.
6:  Leak Detection (required)
a) Do you have a leak detection program?
b) Do you alert customers about potential leaks on their premises?
c) What is the average response time to customer leak notifications?  
d) Would you be interested in technical assistance to improve your leak detection and repair program?
7:  Comments (optional)
Please enter any comments or explanations you may have.

Use the comment box to provide additional information or explanations.  You may also include references to documents (the tools does not allow attached documents).
8:  Submission

By clicking the Submit Report button, you certify that, to the best of your knowledge, the information provided is true and accurate.

If an error message appears, check over the form. Errors often are caused by entering numbers with extra punctuation (enter just the number without commas or decimals) or by not answering all the questions.

Upon submission, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your conservation report, which will include a copy of your submitted report. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email

Thank you!

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