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Welcome to the Urban Water Supplier Reporting Tool.  Registration and login are required to access the reporting tool. If you have registered on the DRINC Portal but do not see the reporting tool below, please click Login. If you have not registered, please click on Registration


The reporting tool accepts your monthly Urban Water Supplier Monitoring Report.

  • The system will log you off after 60 minutes of non-activity. Prior to log off, a popup will remind you to extend in case you need more time
  • Help is available to explain each question by clicking on the If you are revising an old report, make sure to select the correct reporting MONTH and YEAR. You will need to provide a revision justification in the qualifications field at the end of this form. icon.
  • A Guidance Document for Urban Water Supplier Monthly Reporting is available here.
  • To correct a reporting error, you can edit the report by clicking the icon View on the left of your previously submitted report, or re-submit the Monitoring Report; we take the most recently submitted monitoring report for each reporting month. 
  • Upon submission, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your monitoring report. 
  • For assistance with the DRINC portal, please email the DRINC administrator at .