Public Water System Contacts: The Public Water System Contacts table in the eARDWP will be pre-filled with your water system contact information as it is currently reflected in the Division of Drinking Water database (Safe Drinking Water Information System or SDWIS). Each person associated with your water system is listed only once, and on the right hand column under CONTACT TYPE, we have identified all of the different roles you have previously advised us that person has in your water system. You can take three actions on this information, including: The CONTACT TYPE definitions are provided below.

NOTE: A person may be assigned multiple contact types. For example, the owner may also be both the Administrative Contact and Financial Contact.

Administrative Contact (AC) The person who is legally responsible for ensuring that the Public Water System maintains compliance with SDWA requirements. The person to whom CDPH mass mailings, enforcement letters and correspondence would be addressed, such as Board of Directors, General Manager or CEO. Each water system must have one and only one AC.

Please provide an email address for the Administrative Contact as most email communication, particularly email blasts, from the Division of Drinking Water will be sent to the email address of the Administrative Contact.
Financial Contact (FC) The person who receives CDPH invoices and issues payments. Each water system must have one and only one FC.
Owner The person or entity named in the water supply permit. If not the same as the Administrative Contact, this would then be the legal owner or entity that is legally responsible for the Public Water System.
Designated Operator in Charge Chief Operators. This person could also be the Administrative Contact, Owner, or Contract Operator. Must be a certified operator for community and nontransient noncommunity water systems.
Operator Contact Shift Operators. Must be a certified operator for community and nontransient noncommunity water systems.
Emergency Contact The person who assists with coordinating emergency activities (e.g. collecting samples, conducting public notification, corresponding with CDPH.)
Water Quality Contact The person who receives water quality email updates from CDPH. The person responsible for coordinating or conducting water quality monitoring and/or sample collection. Email address required for electronic mailing.
Legal Contact Public water system’s attorney or legal counsel.
CONTRACT Operator Contact The person or company with whom the water system has a contract to operate or assist in the operation of the water system.
Funding Contact The person who receives funding (State Revolving Fund) email updates from the Division. This person is the representative of the water system for projects receiving Safe Drinking Water Act funds.