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Creating new 2019 EARs is now available!

Creating 2018 EARs is now closed!

The Electronic Annual Reporting System is designed for use by California public water systems. Registration on the portal allows access to templates for reporting and reviewing water system information required by California and Federal laws. This system is not available to the public. Disclosable report information obtained via this system is available, however, through the Public Records Act. This includes your name and title, email address, and work phone that you provide below.

If you are affiliated with a public water system yet represent many water systems, you only need to register once. In completing the annual report, there will be the opportunity to submit reports for all of those systems you represent.

An email will be sent to you upon registering and another once your account has been activated. For assistance, please contact the DRINC Portal Administrator.

Since the registration process requires that your registration be manually approved, your registration will not be processed on weekends or after business hours. Please plan accordingly.

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*District (District xx) are for systems regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water (formerly the California Department of Public Health) and LPA (LPAxx) are for systems regulated by the county.
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